AdvisorEngines, a digital wealth management platform, is expanding its technology capabilities with the acquisition of Kredible Technologies Inc., AdvisorEngines announced Thursday.

Kredible, headquartered in Atlanta, is a technology-based practice management firm for advisors. AdvisorEngines is adding Kredible's tools to help advisors’ improve their online presence and abilities to attract new clients, says AdvisorEngines. AdvisorEngines partners with WisdomTree Investments Inc., which also will use the Kredible digital tools. WisdomTree is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) and exchange-traded product sponsor and asset manager.

Kredible helps advisors build websites and an online presence based on its research on what prospective clients are looking for when they first research a firm online,

Thomas Skrobe, WisdomTree head of client solutions, says, “With the wealth management industry changing quickly and significantly, financial advisors need to evolve the way they do business. Kredible’s solutions are a natural addition to our offerings, enabling advisors to differentiate themselves and grow their businesses through digital enhancements and modern techniques.”

Advisors' online presence and tools are increasingly important in a technology-based world, says Kredible. The firm’s research shows 72 percent of the financial services clients say online information is “extremely” or “very” influential to who they hire.

In addition, half of new client prospects say they have eliminated a financial advisor from consideration because of what they saw in their online presence, says Brad Shepard, Kredible founder and CEO. “The modern advisor must evolve to meet ever-changing expectations” of prospective clients.

Terms of the deal were not released.