A large majority of registered investment advisors are not cashing out their clients' investments despite the current market problems. Instead, many are telling clients this an ideal time to invest in the market and they are reassuring clients by concentrating on communicating with them, according to a new study.

A recently released survey by TD Ameritrade Institutional reveals 93% of advisors are not cashing out investments for their clients and more than half think it is a good time to invest in equities. At the same time, 53% are increasing their clients' cash allocations and 43% are increasing fixed income allocations.

About 41% of advisors are increasing client communication, with many doubling or tripling their contacts with clients to help reassure them, according to the survey.

"The survey shows a majority of advisors remain steadfast and continue to follow their client's investment plan, even in the midst of unprecedented market volatility," says Brian Stimpfl, managing director of advisor advocacy and industry affairs for TD Ameritrade Institutional.

The survey, conducted by Maritz Inc. for TD Ameritrade Institutional, took responses from 506 registered investment advisors. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.

RIAs have varying views about the future of the market for the next year, ranging from those who expect negative returns for the short run and others who feel returns could go as high as 20%.