According to the new suit against Black, Pierson was a single mother living in New Jersey and commuting to Manhattan for a low-paying receptionist job in 2000 when she was contacted by an acquaintance, a Ukrainian woman who urged her to meet with Epstein, saying he could help her financially.

Epstein, charged with sex trafficking, died in jail in 2019 while awaiting trial, in what was ruled a suicide.

Pierson said she initially ignored the calls but eventually was contacted by a woman named Maxwell who said Epstein was a “powerful businessman” who could help her, according to the complaint. The reference is to Ghislaine Maxwell, the close Epstein associate sentenced to 20 years in prison in her own sex trafficking case.

Epstein’s Townhouse
Pierson eventually went to Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse. There, Epstein paid her $300 for a 20-minute massage performed in a bikini, more than she made in a week, and then asked her to perform oral sex on him, a request she refused, according to the complaint. Later, she says, he sent her $300 and told her he was going to introduce her to someone who might be able to help her.

Back at the townhouse, she met Black, standing in the hallway in a business suit, according to the complaint. She claims the two took the elevator up to Epstein’s massage room, where Black gave her $300, partially disrobed, and raped her.

Pierson claims Black tried to reconnect with her and met with her twice at restaurants, at one point giving her $5,000 to help her with credit card debt, but that she refused to see him again.

The case is Pierson v. Black, New York State Supreme Court, New York County.

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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