For those of you who still read the Sunday newspaper and its inserts, you'll know of what we speak.  The famous Bradford Exchange which peddles "rare coins" (not so rare actually, but nicely packaged!) for many multiples of their face value has a new competitor.  BTCC Mint is now offering physical uncirculated bitcoins.  With a mark up is a mere 15% over face value, it seems an absolute steal in comparison.  Additionally, this week the firm announced they are launching a 5 bitcion titanium version at an "introductory price" of 20% over face value.  Now that does seem more like a collectible - or maybe a unique (or potentially controversial) Father's Day gift.  Check out the BTCC Mint store here - - and spoiler alert - it will be a lot easier to navigate if you're fluent in Chinese. 

Original Source for Story:  CoinDesk