One of my gym buddies has children active in school sports. She remarked: “Every semester, your friends are chosen for you.” As a dedicated parent, you attend games and cheer for your children. You are surrounded by other parents. There’s the parent-teacher organization. If your children are young, they are on the play-group circuit. There are plenty of other parents.

11. Sports you play
12. Spectator sports
13. Your sports bar

Sports are now addressed apart from school, where you are a parent. Now, you are involved on an adult level. Golf. Tennis. Basketball. You tailgate on weekends before home games. You know lots of people.

14. Merchants you patronize
15. Services you buy
16. Places where you drink
17. Restaurants you frequent

When looking for clients, don’t overlook existing relationships where you are the client. Although you sell insurance, you likely buy auto and homeowner’s insurance from a local agent. You get your hair cut. You have an accountant, lawyer and realtor. A trusted mechanic services your car.

18. People from your previous career
19. People who used to work in your office
20. People you knew from college

You had a connection. You’ve stayed in touch. You see each other at reunions. They like you.

Twenty down 30 lists to go. We haven’t touched family yet. Ditto the gym. Don’t forget the less obvious ones, like people you recognize on the commuter train. Once you have your “list of lists” written down, populate them. There will be overlap, but you will be amazed at the number of people you know. Running for political office flashes through your mind. It was just an idea.

Stage Two—Messaging
Everyone knows someone who is always switched on. They want to talk about what they are selling. The real estate agent who always talks about new listings. They can be annoying.

You want people to know three things about you: who you are, what you do and why you are good. You want to learn three things about them: who they are, where they work and what they do. Lets look at some low-key approaches to making it happen.