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Safeco Introduces Annuity

Safeco Life Insurance Co. of Redmond, Wash., has introduced a single-premium, fixed deferred annuity that allows investors to select a one-, three- or five-year guaranteed interest rate period.

Safeco Custom Annuity is for clients who are reluctant to commit to a fixed annuity in today‚s low interest rate environment. The product is designed to give conservative investors a safe haven from market volatility while also giving them an opportunity to potentially lock in higher interest rates in one, three or five years. The minimum investment is $10,000.

For more information call the Safeco Life & Investments Sales Center at (800) 706-0700 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Stocks To Cash Program

Vertical Lend, a mortgage company that works with financial advisors, is offering Emerging Money Corp.‚s Stocks to Cash program.

The Stocks to Cash program uses a derivative-based, non-callable and non-recourse stock loan that offers investors 90% of the current value of their stock portfolio in cash without triggering upfront capital gains taxes or obligating the investor to ever repay the loan. All interest accrues, so there is no ongoing cash flow commitment.

Emerging Money is based in Stamford, Conn. Vertical Lend, a licensed mortgage broker in several states, has a program that allows financial advisors, accountants, tax preparers and insurance agents to originate mortgages.

Detailed product information is available by calling (800) 396-3622.

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