Member Benefits Added

Business Transitions LLC, a firm based in Portland, Ore., that offers online marketplaces for buyers and sellers of financial advisory, insurance and accounting practices, has implemented a seller‚s rating system and a messaging service.

The new sellers rating system is based on the number of buyer inquiries a seller responds to, and will appear prominently on every full-page seller‚s listing. "The number one complaint we receive is from buyers who don‚t get a response from a seller listing they inquire to," says Bill Grable, vice president of Business Transitions. "With over 30 inquiries per listing in many cases, sellers were being overwhelmed and often would not take the time to respond to every buyer. We listened, and we brought technology to the rescue."

To assist sellers in responding, the new Transitions Direct! Messaging Service feature allows a seller to respond to any number of buyers, simultaneously, directly and confidentially. For more information, visit the Web site

Retirement Planning Sales Tools

Torrid Technologies Inc. of Atlanta has released Version 3 of its Retirement Savings Planner 2004 Professional Edition software, a program financial advisors can use to educate clients about their retirement situation.

The 2004 edition allows an advisor to include in retirement planning an unlimited number of "cash infusions"–such as moving to a less expensive home at retirement, inheritances, retirement packages or severance, part-time jobs, real estate rental income, deferred compensation or any other situation that would provide either a lump sum or series of incoming payments.

For more information, visit

Pershing Offers Newsletter Access

Pershing LLC, a member of BNY Securities Group and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York, now provides access to Virtual Office News through NetExchange Pro, its wealth management and trading platform. Virtual Office News is an electronic newsletter guide on how to increase office efficiency and realize savings on hardware and software purchases. For more information, visit the Web site

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