"These ProFunds are designed for active investors who want to take advantage of the historic divergence of value and growth segments of the market by overweighting their portfolios on either side of the small- or mid-cap equity market or the broader small- or mid-cap equity market," says Michael L. Sapir, chairman and CEO of ProFund Advisors LLC, investment advisor to ProFunds.

The company now offers 39 funds. Financial professionals who want more information may call (888) PRO-5717 or visit www.profunds.com.

Unbundled Variable Annuity

New England Financial, based in Boston, has introduced an unbundled variable-annuity product–the American Forerunner Series.

Clients may choose the features they want to include. Among them are a guaranteed-minimum-income benefit, which provides a fixed lifetime income, regardless of actual performance of the contract and can be exercised after a 10-year waiting period; an earnings-preservation benefit, which helps offset income taxes on the death benefit; and three death-benefit choices. For information on the American Forerunner Series annuity, contact New England Financial at (617) 578-2729 or visit www.nefn.com.

CheckFree Signs California Firms

CheckFree Investment Services of Jersey City, N.J., has signed on two California-based investment advisors–Capital Partners LLC of Pasadena and Legacy Planning Group Inc. in Redding–to use CheckFree APL-ASP. Adapted from the CheckFree APL platform used by large institutional money managers, CheckFree APL-ASP offers RIAs with up to $500 million in assets under management the ability to enter and maintain account data, manage trades, measure performance and generate client reporting. For more information on CheckFree, visit www.checkfree.com.

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