Fidelity Investments has introduced a new service that's designed to make it easier for investors to plan out their retirements-with or without the help of a financial advisor.

The service, called Fidelity Retirement Income AdvantageSM, is described as a suite of tools that allows investors to plan, monitor and manage their finances and investments throughout retirement.

The centerpiece of the service is called the Income Management Account, which allows investors to monitor their investments, whether they be custodied by Fidelity or elsewhere. It also includes a Retirement Income Planner tool, as well as guidance tools and opportunities to consult with a Fidelity representative.

Obviously aware that the service could leave independent advisors out in the cold, Fidelity also announced what it calls Fidelity Advisor Retirement Income Services, which is basically a retirement planning and implementation program that centers around the advisor.

The program, according to Fidelity, includes a series of education and planning tools, and products that can be integrated into an advisor's existing retirement planning process.

"In a new survey, Fidelity has found that most investors nearing retirement with more complex finances have not developed an income plan and are at risk for outliving their savings," says Cynthia Egan, executive vice president of Fidelity Retirement Income Services. "Nearly have of these investors approaching retirement have not estimated how long they expect to live, while three quarters have not considered how much they'll need for medical expenses."