First Financial Software Inc. (, the developers of FPLAN Pro Advisor+, FLPAN QuickPro, recently announced that the it will cease operations on December 31. According to a company spokesperson, the firm, which has been providing financial planning software to planning professionals since 1982, is closing because "in order to continue, the programs would have required a total restructuring of their underlying technology."
   First Financial Software, after consultation with a number of software firms, has negotiated a special arrangement with Brentmark Software ( ) on behalf of FPLAN users.

   Under the terms of the deal, current FPLAN users will receive a free copy of PFP Notebook, Brentmark's financial planning software, which usually retails for $595. The software will include a free conversion kit, allowing advisors to migrate data from FPLAN to PFP.
   In addition, Brentmark will ship registered FPLAN users two other Brentmark programs: Pension Distribution Planner ($249 retail) and Estate Planning QuickView ($249 retail). All three programs will include three month's maintenance. At the end of the free maintenance period, users can elect to pay an annual maintenance fee for those programs they wish to continue using ($199 annually for PFP Notebook and $59 each for Pension Distribution Planner and Estate Planning QuickView). "Inactive" FPLAN users are eligible to receive the Brentmark software package at a 40% discount.
   Since Brentmark will not be receiving a list of FPLAN users until the first week of 2005, it may be mid-January before FPLAN users begin receiving their "free" software kits.