Targeting specific markets will become increasingly important for advisors as the baby boomer generation continues to age, according to a new report.
   Tiburon Strategic Advisors says in its "Consumer Wealth, Target Markets & Marketing Strategies" report that the competitive playing field for advisors is getting crowded as the demand for advisors increases.
   That, according to the report, will compel advisors to develop strategies for specific target markets.
   Among the report's highlights:
    Baby boomer retirements will increase consumer investable assets from $17 trillion to $30 trillion by 2010.
    The IRA rollover market is booming and has led to the IRA market becoming 25% larger than the 401(k) plan market.
    Consumer satisfaction with their primary advisor is decreasing, with nearly one quarter of consumers being dissatisfied
     with their primary financial advisor.
    Nearly half of all investors are considering changing their primary financial advisor.
    Spending time with clients is a key indicator of success, but only 10% of advisors spend the majority of their time with
     clients in person or on the phone.
    Investors want to take a more active role in the decision-making process.