Fidelity Investments recently announced upgrades to its platform for registered investment advisors. The upgrades include enhanced fixed income capabilities as well as a new trustee referral program. According to Pat Jancsy, senior vice president of Fidelity's RIA Group, the new and improved Fidelity Advisor CHANNEL offers advisors, for the first time, "access to all Fidelity trading and information through a single user interface and a single log on."
   "Fidelity's online fixed-income platform, BondTraderPro, now offers advisors direct access to more than 15,000 fixed-income securities, as well as analytical tools and online order entry. This means that advisors will not be forced to call fixed income orders into the bond desk if they don't want to," says Jancsy.
   Fidelity Trustee Referrals will help advisors simplify the process of selecting and working with trust companies to serve as corporate trustees for their high-net-worth clients' trusts. The service allows advisors to create and manage referrals from a network of 10 trust companies that specialize in offering trustee services to advisors. Through these trust relationships, advisors retain the ability mange the investment of trust assets, thus enabling advisors to maintain their client relationships. The 10 trust companies operate on Fidelity's brokerage platform, providing a consistent trading and account management process tailored to the independent advisor.
   In order to minimize disruptions to ongoing advisor operations, Fidelity will be conducting a phased rollout of the new Fidelity Advisor CHANNEL to its about 2,900 RIA firms. "The implementation process will include documentation and training so that firms can easily transition to the new platform," says Jancsy. New Fidelity RIA customers will be put on the new platform immediately.