CRM Software, the developers of Junxure-I, the CRM, office management, and office automation software for financial advisors is in the process of developing a new software package code named Junxure PrivatePages.
   The software will allow advisors who maintain their portfolio management and reporting chores in-house to create performance reports, tax reports and net worth statements, and to publish those reports to an in-house web server or to a hosted web server.
   "Advisors will be able to easily and inexpensively create and maintain a web portal for their clients," says CRM software VP Greg Friedman. "The software will eliminate the printing, production and postage costs of sending quarterly reports to clients." The software will speed the production of the reports, providing faster delivery to clients and lower costs to the advisory firm, he says.
   PrivatePages will require Junxure-I to operate, Friedman says. Initially, it will be capable of generating reports from Schwab's Centerpiece and Portfolio Center software. CRM is currently in negotiations with FCSI about the possibility of including dbCAMS integration in the initial release, and CRM hopes to extend the application's functionality to include interfaces with other portfolio management products in subsequent releases.
   Junxure PrivatePages will reportedly cost $3,995 for the first year, and $2,500 for renewals. The price will include the program, special technical support, documentation and upgrades. Initial release is slated for March.

-Joel Bruckenstein