Advisors have started the New Year off with concerns about the economy, according to a recent survey.
   The Advisor Confidence Index (ACI)-a benchmark created by Rydex Investments to measure advisors' views on the economy and stock market-declined 2.5% in January.
   Although advisors expressed confidence in the stock market, and were confident that interest rates would remain stable after the departure of Alan Greenspan as the Federal Reserve chairman, they did worry about the economy.
   Among the four components used to calculate the ACI, only the stock market gained-rising 1.63% since December. The other components, all focused on the economy, dropped in January. The current economic outlook was down 4.50%, the six-month outlook down 4.59% and the 12-month outlook down 1.91%.
   Only 23% of advisors, meanwhile, believe that interest rates are likely to increase dramatically when Greenspan retires.