SunGard recently announced an upgrade to PlanningStation, their browser-based financial modeling and planning solution for financial advisors.
   The new version includes improved scenario planning, new estate planning capabilities, a new forms repository, support for the Roth 401(k), and a new asset allocation module.  
   Enhanced scenario planning helps advisors to create multiple client scenarios and profiles for further analysis and comparison on hypothetical financial plans. With enhanced estate planning capabilities advisor can now model inter vivos gifting, credit shelter trusts, transfers of existing life insurance policies to irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs), and purchase of new life insurance policies within an ILIT. PlanningStation now helps advisors produce comparisons to assist their clients in their Roth 401(k) decision.
    According to PlanningStation Product Manager Troy Hirschi, "The new forms repository allows management to upload any type of document, including financial planning disclosure documents, into PlanningStation. This in turn, allows advisors to access and print important firm-specific forms from a single centralized location assisting firms with their compliance process."
    A new module asset allocation is included. While not as sophisticated as AllocationMaster, it provides asset allocation analysis including client risk profiling and comparison of asset mixes.

-Joel Bruckenstein