The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund-which has grown into one of the nation's largest charities since its founding in 1991-is offering advisors a way to be more involved in donor accounts.

   The fund announced today the Charitable Investment Advisor Program, which allows clients with accounts of at least $1 million to have their own advisors participate as managers.

   Under the plan, advisors can participate in the management of their clients' charitable assets in the Gift Fund in consultation with fund management.

   Advisors do not need an existing relationship with Fidelity to participate in the program and are free to use assets outside of the fund's designated investment pools, according to Fidelity.

   Fidelity expects that about 5% of the fund's donors will take advantage of the program, fund President David Giunta said in an interview. The fund currently has 37,000 accounts and $3.5 billion in assets.

   "Through our new program, the Gift Fund can help donors and their advisors more effectively integrate charitable giving into the donors' overall financial plans," he said.

   The new program follows several recent changes in fund operations, including a reduction in management fees and the use of third-party funds in the Gift Fund's investment options.

   The fund attracted $1 billion in new assets in 2005 and is 50% ahead of that pace in 2006, Giunta said.

   He attributed the growth partly to the rising tide of baby boomer retirees, increased wealth in general and the fund's ability to provide donors with consolidated, long-term charitable planning.

   "The main advantage is it helps donors plan their gifting a lot better," he said.

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