Sincere & Co., a mutual fund marketing and distribution company serving independent advisors, has launched a mutual fund of its own.
   The company, based in Holliston, Mass., has launched a small cap value fund, the first in what it says will be a series of funds comprising the Sincere Advisor Funds family.
   The small cap fund will be sub-advised by the management team that runs the James Small Cap fund-a value fund that is distributed by Sincere & Co.
   Sincere funds will be available only through advisors and are structured to meet the specific needs of fee-based independent advisors, says Richard D. Sincere, chairman and CEO of the company.
   The expense ratio of the fund is capped at 1.10, Sincere says, and carries a transaction fee and an omnibus account minimum investment of $1 million.
   Sincere feels the capped expense ratio and the management of James Financial Research Inc. should be key selling points in marketing the fund to advisors.
   The fund has launched with an initial investment of $400,000-with $300,000 from Sincere and $100,000 from the James family, he says.
   Sincere says he would look to close the fund to new investors at an asset level of $600 million. He would also like to see the Sincere fund family expand to 10 funds over the next three years.
   The fund is currently available to advisors through TD Ameritrade and will shortly expand to other fund-trading platforms, Sincere said.