Nationwide Financial Services feels it has a possible answer for a vexing question: Am I ready to retire?
   The company is offering at its Web site, at, a new tool called RetirAbility Check that allows visitors to calculate an "R-Score"-a single number that measures retirement readiness.
   The score-which the company compares to a credit score-is generated through a series of questions, including demographic and financial information.
   During the course of answering the questions, visitors to the site are also given tips and advice on how to improve their score. The final score equates to preparedness, according to the company. For example, a score of 56 means that a person is on track to have 56% of what they will need if they retire at age 65 and expect to maintain their current standard of living.
   The tool also provides personalized suggestions for improving retirement readiness.
   Nationwide says the tool is meant to address research that shows 44% of Americans who go online for financial information want more content and content that is easier to use.
   "Our research indicates Americans want to be engaged beyond just data, statistics and online questionnaires," said Keith Miller, senior vice president of Nationwide Financial's In-Retirement business unit.