Advisors who custody assets with TD Ameritrade Institutional will soon be eligible to receive free form filling software developed by Laser App Software.

   "We've already signed a contract, and we expect to make the software available to our advisors free of charge before the end of the third quarter of 2007," said George Tamer, TD Ameritrade Institutional director of solutions consulting.

   Laser App software can save advisors time by automatically completing account applications, transfer forms and other documents. The application saves up to 15 minutes per form by grabbing information from an existing database and pasting it into form fields. Advisors then simply print the form and, if necessary, present it to the client for signature.

   TD Ameritrade will allow advisors to draw on both TD's VEO database and the advisor's own Laser App-compatible CRM system to populate forms. "To the best of my knowledge, we are the first custodian to allow advisors to draw on both their own database and their custodian's in order to populate form fields,' says Tamer.

   When the product launches, advisors will be notified to download the Laser App applet, which will include all TD Ameritrade forms. Once installed, advisors can access the software to automate form filling.

   TD Ameritrade plans to use the Laser Apps forms as the basis for processing of common tasks such as account openings and transfers, however, no target date has yet been set for this second phase of the implementation.