The CFP Board will hold its free Financial Planning Clinic on Saturday, August 4, 2007, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in Boston. The event brings together more than 150 certified financial planners from around the country who will share their time and expertise with the general public by answering consumers' financial questions at no cost.

Volunteer CFP professionals will be seated at tables for a wide range of designated financial topics, including college education financing, cash flow and debt management, investment strategies, tax strategies, estate planning, insurance planning, and retirement planning.

Attendees can choose a topic of interest and visit an appropriate table for an informal, one-on-one conversation with a volunteer planner. There will be no sale of products or services at the clinic, and volunteers will not be permitted to hand out business cards or marketing materials. Each attendee will receive a Financial Planning Resource Booklet that includes the volunteers' names and contact information, as well as other helpful financial planning information.

The clinic takes place at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, and it follows the success of the 2006 clinic in Los Angeles where roughly 1,500 consumers received free financial information from volunteer planners. In surveys conducted after the Los Angeles event, 100% of volunteers said that they would do it again, while 94% of attendees said they would recommend it to someone else.

CFP Board spokeswoman Jina Martingano says the organization needs five to 10 more people to ensure a full roster of volunteers for the event. The application deadline is July 6. Free online registration and additional information about the CFP Board's Financial Planning Clinic is available at