MetLife and New England Financial are starting the second year of a Financial Fellowship Program in conjunction with the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pa.; it has doubled since its inception last year and is thought to be the only mentoring program of is kind associated with a college or university.
   The program matches interns from colleges and universities with senior financial services professionals in MetLife offices throughout the country. Forty students completed the course last summer, the first year of the program. Five of those were hired for financial services positions in MetLife offices. This year, 100 students are interning for five weeks in 40 MetLife offices for hand-on experience after studying for a week at the American College.
   "We do business succession planning for other people," says Al Devji, a financial planner with 15 years experience who is CEO and president of Devji Wealth Planning, a MetLife office in Islen, N.J. "I am hoping this will be succession planning for me and that the student working with me this summer may be my junior partner someday.
   "The young people come in charged up and you can tell if they have the confidence to succeed," Devji adds. "They have an opportunity to see what we do and work with an experienced person. It can help them find out if they want to do this type of work and they see how they can help their communities."
   The interns are paid for their work and may receive college credits. Students apply for the positions during the spring. Additional information can be obtained at