One-stop shopping has its appeal in many areas, including investing. A recent survey of affluent investors shows that nearly half (46%) would be interested in a product that integrates diverse investment types into a single account and statement such as with Unified Managed Accounts (UMA). Yet only about half (48%) said they've even heard about UMAs.

   The survey of people with at least $500,000 in investable income was conducted by Spectrem Group, a research and consulting firm specializing in the affluent and retirement markets. Only 7% of those questioned said they have an in-depth knowledge of UMAs, professionally managed investment accounts that provide performance reports for a combination of types of investments in a single statement.

   Part of the problem with spreading the word about UMAs may be that affluent investors lack confidence in the two institutions-banks and insurance companies-that use them relatively successfully. Only 29% say they would feel confident trusting their investments to a bank, and only 12% would feel confident relying on an insurance company. On the other hand, 43% would trust a UMA purchase made by a full-service brokerage.

   "To the affluent investor, UMAs may be the best investment vehicle they've never heard of," says Spectrem Group Managing Director Catherine S. McBreen.

   The report, "Unified Managed Accounts," is based on a survey of 507 affluent households conducted in June and July of 2007. People interested in buying the report should contact Spectrem Group at 641 W. Lake Street, Suite 402, Chicago, IL 60661, (312) 382-8284; or