Cabinet NG this week is unveiling two new twists to its flagship document management product, CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment). On Thursday, at the scheduled Techonology Tools for Today Conference in Orlando, the Huntsville, Ala.-based developer of document management and workflow solutions will announce a deal to embed ProofSpace's digital tamper-detection technology into CNG-SAFE. ProofSpace, a document authentication products company based in Chicago, will initially make available its ProofMark technology as a plug-in to CNG-SAFE.

Targeted at Cabinet NG's financial services customers, the ProofMark enhancement package will strengthen financial advisors' ability to protect documents and transaction records, and prove the authenticity of those records to regulators, auditors, clients and courts.

"Advisors are just awakening to the challenges they face with regard to document authentication, but failure to address these risks can lead to serious adverse consequences", said David Drucker, editor of Virtual Office News.

Andrew Bailey, president of Cabinet NG, believes the addition of ProofMark technology to CNG-SAFE can help advisors produce indisputable documents. "Our clients need to be able to monitor the integrity of their electronic documents, detect unauthorized changes both inside and outside the organization, and provide proof of document authenticity to all comers," he says.

On Tuesday, Cabinet NG released CNG-SAFE 6.0, the newest version of its document management product. Among the key features are enhanced data protection such as assigning rights that let businesses fine tune and grant specific user access privileges to cabinets, folders, and documents. Also, tracking information is consolidated onto one screen to easily view all routing and access history, and document versioning can be enabled at the document, cabinet, or global level to automatically preserve a history of document edits.

In addition, CNG-SAFE lets users display document and other system information based on their custom layout, and it works with virtually any Windows-based database application to avoid the hassles and expense of a customized solution. A complete system for a two-user office starts at $2,500, and includes remote installation and training, tech support, maintenance and online training for the first year.

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The Technology Tools for Today Conference runs January 10-12 in Orlando, and is co-sponsored by Virtual Office News and Financial Advisor.

-Joel Bruckenstein