iRebal, the rule-based rebalancing application owned by TD Ameritrade that automatically generates trade recommendations for multiple account level rebalancing and cash management, recently announced a new tiered pricing structure. The new pricing effectively lowers the price of iRebal for firms managing less than $1 billion.

Under the new pricing scheme, firms with $300 million of assets under management (AUM) can license iRebal for as little as $20,000 annually. The price rises in tiers to $50,000 per year for $1 billion in AUM. Firms managing more than $1.2 billion pay more.  

"iRebal is a sophisticated rebalancing tool that substantially reduces the time required to perform rebalancing, allowing companies to grow without adding additional staff," said Gobind Daryanani, iRebal founder and managing director, TD AMERITRADE Institutional. "It can be fully customized to meet the advisor's needs."

Further price concessions are available to those advisors who bring new taxable assets to a new or existing TD Ameritrade custodial relationship-$25 million of new assets entitles a firm to use iRebal for one year at no charge; $75 million in new assets entitles a firm to a free five-year subscription. For additional information please visit