Focus Financial Partners, LLC, a New York-based holding company with 15 independent wealth management firms and more than $27 billion in client assets, today announced that Deborah Doyle McWhinney and William Campbell were appointed to its board of directors.

McWhinney is the former president of Schwab Institutional, where she led the RIA industry's largest custodian. Prior to joining Schwab, McWhinney was an executive vice president at Visa International and served as group president for Engage Media Services. McWhinney spent 17 years with Bank of America Corp., where she led the consumer electronic banking division and determined product and pricing policies for launching ATMs and debit cards.

Campbell is currently a senior advisor for JPMorgan Chase & Co., and previously was chairman of Chase Card Services. He was also chairman of Bank One Card Services, which merged into JPMorgan Chase & Co. in July 2004. From 2005 to 2007, Campbell served as chairman of Visa International, leading up to its IPO in 2008, the largest in U.S. history.

Focus Financial's strategy centers on acquiring advisory firms with assets of at least $350 million. It generally purchases between 40% to 70% of a firm's cash flow in exchange for cash and an ownership stake in the company. In return, Focus Financial provides various support ranging from back-office and technology to marketing and business development. Its partners firms have more than 18,000 clients. It eventually hopes to go public. It hope to eventually go public.