Emerging Information Systems Inc. (EISI), developer of NaviPlan and Profiles financial planning software, recently upgraded NaviPlan Standard and plans to release upgrades for Profiles Professional and Profiles Forecaster at the end of this month.

   Profiles' new retirement-scenario features will help advisors rapidly pinpoint strategies to achieve a client's retirement accumulation and distribution goals. Advisors can run "what-if" scenarios on retirement needs, portfolio reallocations, plan contributions and other strategies; they can then compare and contrast results with the current plan. Reporting has been enhanced with scenarios featuring client-friendly graphics and tables. In addition, Profiles Professional v9.0 provides improved navigational tools and enhanced management of client cases. Profiles Forecaster v4.0 now allows advisors to customize Social Security assumptions for any client by overriding system-derived defaults. Another highlight is streamlined client-file management. EISI has also added advice management features for enterprise clients, including collaboration and workflow capabilities. The new features enable companies to effectively monitor financial planning activity by allowing firm-defined business rules and automating the plan-review process.

   NaviPlan Standard v11.2 enables quick plan updates with reports that illustrate whether a client is on track to meet his or her goals. Advisors can use the Plan Update feature to make any necessary changes to income, expenses, asset values and liabilities. The resulting progress report shows year-over-year changes, compares outcomes and flags potential opportunities.

   "Advisors who regularly meet with clients to revisit goals and review progress are rewarded with long-term relationships, greater share-of-wallet and more referrals," says Mark Evans, president and CEO of EISI.

   Other NaviPlan Standard enhancements include a cash-flow deficit/surplus indicator in all goal scenarios and an upgraded Ibbotson asset-class model.
For further information about Profiles and NaviPlan, please visit http://www.eisi.com.