LPL Launches Career Match Service

LPL Financial Services has launched LPL Career Match, a new online service to help its representatives find qualified candidates to join their branches.

The service enables LPL representatives to post jobs for 12 months at a time on, a Web site that receives more than 750,000 visits a year. Potential reps visiting the site can then search by location for careers with existing LPL offices and apply online.

LPL‚s branch development department pre-screens potential applicants for product mix and business type, runs regulatory and credit checks, and provides LPL representatives with a list of pre-qualified candidates to interview.

Once they‚ve posted a job, LPL representatives can either check back to monitor the activity on their ad electronically or simply wait for Branch Development to supply them with their list of pre-screened, qualified applicants.

LPL Financial Services, headquartered in Boston and San Diego, provides services and support to more than 4,600 investment professionals in 2,200 branch offices in the United States. For more information about

LPL,visit or call (888) 564-6575, ext. 6555.

Nationwide Fee Option

Columbus, Ohio-based Nationwide Financial is offering a fee-based payment option to RIAs and CPAs who provide qualified retirement plans to clients for fees rather than commissions.

RIAs and CPAs can be paid based on a percentage of plan assets, a specified fee per participant or a specified fee for the plan. With this option, RIAs and CPAs can provide advice on the Retirement Resource and Retirement Advisor plans in Nationwide‚s The Best of America series without being registered reps. Visit for more information.

Level-Fee Payouts

Curian Capital of Denver is offering a new level-fee payout option for its managed accounts product.

With this option, a financial professional earns steady fee income that is billed quarterly and paid monthly for the life of the account. Curian also offers a fee advance program, which provides upfront payment on several years of fees when new client accounts are opened or existing accounts are moved to Curian. The fee advance program can help financial professionals move to a fee-based practice without loss of income. Visit for more information.

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