"It gives them the ability, while doing that, to call us if they have any questions, and when they do we're looking at the same thing they're looking at on the computer," Davis says.

Davis says his firm stumbled upon eMoney a year-and-a-half ago when it went on the same type of shopping expedition as Walters did before them. After some demonstrations, Davis says he walked away impressed with the product's ability to put all of a client's vital information in one orderly place. Clients also have made use of the "vault" feature, with some using it to make duplicate copies of old family photos in electronic form.

"The real gist of the system is you can input all their personal data, investment data and all the data about their assets and liabilities," he says. "For us, when a client calls, we can click on their account and anything that they ask us about is going to be right in front of us."

Putting all that data into the system is a lot of work. "It does take quite a bit of work to input the data, which I see as the only downside," he says. "But it's a fraction of the amount of work you eventually save."

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