ICON Capital manages publicly registered equipment leasing investment programs. ICON Securities Corp. is a dealer and manager that works with broker-dealers to market ICON‚s investment programs.

Through ICON Income Fund Ten, ICON expects to raise $150 million in investor equity and acquire an estimated $300 million of equipment subject to leases with large, creditworthy companies.

The minimum investment is $5,000 for individuals and $3,000 for IRAs and other qualified plans. Investors must have a net worth of at least $60,000 (exclusive of home, automobiles, etc.) and an annual income of $60,000, or a net worth of $225,000. For more information, visit www.iconcapital.com or www.iconsecurities.com, or call (860) 669-2385.

Schwab Launches Fund

The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving has launched Charitable Asset Management, a national donor-advised fund that gives independent advisors investment discretion over a donor‚s charitable assets.

Charitable Asset Management is available exclusively to advisors working with Schwab Institutional or U.S. Trust. It allows an advisor to actively manage charitable assets of $500,000 or more that a client has irrevocably contributed to an account with the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving. For more information, visit www.schwabcharitable.org.

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