California-based Aspiriant announced that it has completed its acquisition of Deloitte Investment Advisors (DIA) from international financial services giant Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

The purchase will give Aspiriant an operation that consists of 40 employees and six offices across the country. The wealth management firm serves nearly 800 clients with more than $7 billion in assets under management as a result of the purchase.

Besides its current offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Aspiriant now has offices in New York, Boston, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Detroit.  Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.   

Aspiriant was founded in January 2008 when Kochis Fitz in San Francisco merged with Quintile Wealth Management in Los Angeles. The firm is employee-owned and was created with intentions of undertaking an aggressive growth strategy. At the time of the merger, the firm set a five-year goal of growing to $15 billion in assets under management (later reduced to $12 billion due to the national financial crisis).

"This acquisition is in keeping with our long-term strategy to remain the leading independent wealth management firm that can provide expanding benefits to clients and serve their wealth management needs for generations," said Rob Francais, CEO of Aspiriant.