Francais says that the opportunity to expand Aspiriant’s service offerings in Los Angeles was too attractive to pass up.
“We’re doing these mergers not to get bigger, but to get better,” Francais says. “If I could go back and write the book and architect it the way I wanted to from the lens of geography, I probably wouldn’t have expanded into Los Angeles next, but it was the right opportunity with the right people. When we establish criteria for growth, there are more important factors than geography.”
Today, Aspiriant has grown to manage more than $9 billion in assets for more than 1,300 client families. In addition to the recent mega-mergers, the firm also elevated as principals eight individuals in its regional offices. Aspiriant now has nine offices in Los Angeles; San Diego; San Francisco; Orange County, California; New York; Boston; Cincinnati; Milwaukee and Minneapolis.
For the time being, that may be big enough for the mega-wealth manager.
“We’ll pause and digest this,” Francais says. “I think we’ll call timeout for the rest of the year, but I’m already working on our next deal, and we’ll probably do something 12/31 of this year or 3/31 of next year.”
Moving forward, Francais plans on completing one-to-two mergers a year.

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