Axos Advisor Services announced it will offer its registered investment advisor clients greater access to alternative investment opportunities through a partnership with Crystal Capital Partners.

Axos, which provides RIAs with custody and securities clearing services and is based in Centennial, Colo., was open to partnerships with other firms when a mutual client introduced them to Crystal and the work it does with alternatives, according to Amy Morris, senior vice president and head of Offer Strategy & Enablement at Axos Advisor Services.

“We are always on the lookout for strategic partnerships, so, we approached Crystal Capital to learn more about their offering and how we can serve advisors together,” she said in an email.

The partnership means the two firms will integrate their respective platforms so Axos’ clients can execute separately managed private fund portfolios using Crystal’s technology. That includes a manager selection tool and a turn-key operational solution, according to the firms.

“It just continues to add to the list of availability to make the life of an advisor, who is wanting to bring institutional alternatives to their qualified clients, easier,” said Alan Strauss, senior partner and director of investor relations at Crystal.

Both firms have RIA clients, and the partnership will give them access to the institutional alternative investments on Crystal's platform and the custodial services of Axos, the firms said.

“This partnership benefits our mutual clients by broadening their investment options through alternatives while simplifying the process through a single subscription document and consolidated K-1s,” Morris said. 

Axos’ clients, through the use of Crystal’s platform, can custody their assets through Axos and use more tools than they were able to before including intuitive technology and expert consulting support. They will have access to those services through Axos’ all-in-one interface, the firm said.

Crystal’s clients can look at all their assets and manage them through a consolidated system as well as tap into 50 top alternative investment funds along with Crystal’s proprietary portfolio management tools, according to the firm.

Crystal, which is based in Maimi, has more than 30 years of experience working with advisors and providing them with turn-key solutions to invest in alternative investment products. It provides advisors with a series of services including streamlined transactional processes and integrated reporting, the firm said.

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