5. The common issue. When some people have a problem, they don’t want to spend time doing research. They ask a friend what they did and pick the same solution. In restaurants, you’ve heard people say: “I’ll have what she’s having.” You and a friend are in similar situations. You both have young children and know each other from the school parent’s association. One day you say: “Our Sidney is six. We’ve been trying to figure out how to plan for his college education. We found out about these college savings plans and set one up last January. Your twins are seven. What are you guys doing?”

Why it works: It’s normal to talk about shared experiences. They might say: “What’s a college savings plan?” They might say: “The twin’s grandparents said they will cover all costs.” This is all new information.

These are conversational, not pushy approaches. Would they work for you?

Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. He provides HNW client acquisition training for the financial services industry. His book, Captivating the Wealthy Investor can be found on Amazon.

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