• James Lee, CFP, of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., not only serves on the FPA Board of Directors and is a past leader at the FPA of Northeastern New York, but is passionate about the importance of advocating for the profession on The Hill and in state capitols across the country. James has devoted an incredible amount of time leading advocacy efforts at the state and federal level because he knows that to change the tomorrows for financial planners means making your voice heard on those public policy matters that can impact the trajectory of the profession.

• Autumn Campbell, CFP of Tulsa, Okla., knows that the future of the profession rests in the hands of the next generation of practitioners and their willingness to take on leadership roles today. As chair of the FPA NexGen community, Autumn has spent the last several years engaging her peers and working with other FPA NexGen leaders to develop programs that will change the tomorrows of young professionals and career changers so they can find their respective places in the profession.

Our profession is full of people like Kristin, James and Autumn who are working to change their tomorrows―and the tomorrows of others―because they know we are all better for it. FPA is committed to helping our members “Change Tomorrows” so they can change tomorrows for the clients of today and the clients of the future.

I can think of no greater purpose for an organization to embrace.

Martin C. Seay, Ph.D., CFP, is the 2020 president of the Financial Planning Association and is Chair of the Personal Financial Planning Program at Kansas State University.

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