Compound Planning has added six new advisors, bringing its total to 25.

New York-based Compound Planning was born out of a merger between RIA firm Alternativ Wealth and tech firm Compound late last year. Since then, it has been expanding its staff with a goal of adding two advisors a month for 2024, according to Christian Haigh, co-founder and CEO of Compound Planning.

Most of the latest additions came from Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Personal Capital, which is an online financial advisor.

“Culturally, I think these advisors are very similar and they’ve had a very similar experience in terms of how they run their practice,” he said, adding that they together have more than 80 years experience. “They are able to get up to speed and be able to provide a lot of great input and insight into what we’re doing today.”

Of the six, four came from Personal Capital, including Joseph Devorak IV, Kevin Mann, Matt Buenafe, and Tyler Morris. The remaining two advisors, Jonny Jonson, and Mike O’Connor, came from Seattle-based Bear Mountain Capital and Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Advisor Partners, respectively.

Compound brought in four people to work on the advisor support staff with plans to hire two more this month. The goal is to continue growing but at a pace the firm can manage, Haigh said.

The firm, which manages about $1.52 billion in assets, caters to high-net worth and ultra high-net worth clients with at least $1 million in investable assets.