Tampa, Fla.-based DoubleLine Capital and Barclays today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to market and distribute exchange-traded funds under DoubleLine ETF Adviser LP.

“The pairing of our complementary skill sets and resources in the ETF space will write, I'm sure, a productive new chapter in our now decade-long collaboration,” DoubleLine CEO Jeffrey Gundlach said in a statement. He noted that Barclays was an early and successful pioneer in the development and distribution of ETF products.

Less than two weeks ago, DoubleLine announced the April 5 launch of its first two ETFs, the Double Line Opportunistic Bond ETF (DBND) and DoubleLine Shiller CAPE U.S. Equities ETF (DCPE), on NYSE Arca, the all-electronic exchange.

The DoubleLine Opportunistic Bond ETF provides traditional daily transparency into the assets held in its portfolio, and the DoubleLine Shiller CAPE U.S. Equities ETF uses the ActiveShares semitransparent. It was developed in collaboration with Yale University economics professor Robert Shiller.

DoubleLine group president Ron Redell, at the time of the announcement, said, “actively managed ETFs are no longer a niche option among ’40 Act funds. In fact, active ETFs are well on their way to becoming a mainstay for many investors and advisors. We have formed the DoubleLine ETF Trust to serve them with a suite of actively managed ETFs, starting with DBND and DCPE.”

The Investment Companies Act of 1940 is the primary statute governing the U.S. public investment fund industry.

 “Through our long-standing partnership with Professor Robert Shiller, these new products will drive further development of the ETF landscape and enable more investors to use these products to assist in achieving their financial goals,” said C.S. Venkatakrishnan, group chief executive of Barclays.