At seven years old, Dr. Jeff Spencer committed to becoming an Olympic cyclist. At 21, he was one. Since then Jeff has committed his life to his family and to helping exceptional performers tap into their potential, reach the top and—hardest of all—stay there. 

Russ Prince: Can you tell us the type of the people you have worked with? 
Jeff Spencer: Over the past several decades, I have advised Olympic, world, Tour de France and national champion gold medalists, titans of industry, and have been in the corner of the movers and shakers of this world changing their habits, strengthening their minds and giving them tools to see around corners to consistently deliver to the full potential of their talents and abilities.

Prince: What are the usual outcomes and benefits people get from working with you.
Spencer: My clients typically achieve clarity on the smoothest, most efficient path forward in situations that previously seemed impossible. They overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt, and the pressure of expectation to perform at their best when it matters most. There are three primary benefits my clients experience from our time together.

The first is clarity. Clarity on where they are now, what resources are at their disposal, where they want to be and, of course, the things that actually matter most to them. It’s in the clarity phase where they start to understand why they feel the way they do now and why it may be so drastically different from how they remember feeling before. They start to discover why their relationships, both personal and professional, have come to be where they are and how to best navigate both moving forward. 

The second is certainty. Once the client can clearly see, perhaps for the first time, where they are, what really matters to them and the most efficient path forward, they develop unshakable certainty in themselves, their ability to navigate difficult conversations, and effectively handle the unexpected.

The third is the collapsing of time. Once they have total clarity and unshakable certainty in their ability to move forward, we are able to turn 10-year goals into 8-year goals while remaining receptive for more efficient paths or opportunities to reveal ourselves in order to collapse eight years to seven and seven to six and so on and so forth.

In all three phases clients report better relationships with their spouses, partners and family members, lower anxiety, and an exponential increase in energy and motivation to move forward.

Prince: How do you work with people?
Spencer: After decades of advisory in the high-performance world, I have found that full potential players don’t respond well to what most coaches, consultants, and “mentors” prescribe for them to do to meet their objectives. So the first thing that is important to understand is that most of the population will not be a good fit for me, nor I for them. 

That said, the first thing we do together is called a “GPS Roadmap.” It’s either delivered in a full day together or two separate calls. The primary objective is for them to get clarity on their current position in relation to their goals and then the most efficient path to what they want to achieve. Sometimes, it’s a process of determining whether or not their most ambitious goals are, in fact, achievable. The secondary objective is for me to get a feel for how they respond to questions and their general disposition to determine how or even if we should work together.

After this initial “compilation” or “collection” phase, there are a few options, but I will only present to them the one that makes the most sense for their unique situation. Typically, it will take one of a few different forms.

After our GPS, I will invite the true full potential players to become a private client and work one on one with me to carefully formulate and precisely execute the sequencing and synergy of the fewest number of actions needed to achieve the desired outcomes in least time with least effort and resources. The frequency of our time together is determined by their unique circumstances. There are complex situations requiring more frequent communication to achieve goals, and, in addition, there are situations in which more frequent communication is a hindrance to their progress. 

Every year I take 12 high performers in my Table of Champions group coaching program. Generally speaking, we will enroll 12 individuals who are in approximately the same spot in life and, with my guidance, workshop through the most efficient path forward for each Table of Champions member. 

Quarterly, I hold an event in California for my private clients and invite a select few full potential players for two days of what I call the “Champions Experience.” This is a full immersion into what it takes to reach the top of your field and stay there. This is a combination of teaching, workshopping, problem solving and introducing people to how champions really think and behave—in both their personal and professional lives.

Sometimes, after going through the GPS, we determine that working together is not the appropriate move at the time, in which case they are presented a full comprehensive roadmap of the steps to take, the pitfalls to watch out for and how to best prepare for their champions journey ahead. This is sort of a “do it yourself” version of Cornerman Coaching. When appropriate, I will make a referral or connection to a trusted advisor.

Prince: You mentioned that most of the population will not be a good fit for you, nor you for them. As I know you will readily turn down prospective clients including the famous and the financial elite, can you explain who is not a good fit?
Spencer: There are a number of reasons I’m not a good fit for some people. If the persons lack motivation or sincerity, we will not get the results we both want. I only work with self-motivated high performers who are committed to doing what it takes to achieve their lofty aspirations and high impact legacies.

When people think they are paying me for my time, instead of my solutions, working with them is unlikely to be highly effective. I work fast and efficiently. My clients’ time is sacred to me. If we can solve a problem in 15 minutes, we will have a 15-minute conversation. My clients want exceptional results and that’s what I deliver.

Quick fixes and short cuts never produce long-term success or great legacies. I only work with people who are willing to play the long game to create their best life of passion, purpose, productivity and prosperity. Also, I only work with those who invest in their personal and professional growth. Getting to and staying at the top demands continuously evolving to peak perform anyplace, anytime.

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