The Limra LOMA 2014 Social Media Conference for Financial Services once again had lots of great advice. One of the best things about this group of Twitter-savvy attendees is that they produce the best sound bites. In a way, each tweeter servers as a journalist covering the conference.

These tweets include great statistics and nuggets of advice that came from the #LLSMC conference hashtag:

"70% of high net worth individuals use social media." @NateDiag @danjswift

Every second 2 more people join @LinkedIn! Impressive growth continues.

1 in 4 affluent individuals currently use LinkedIn for financial purposes.

5 seconds: The time you have to engage with customers before they leave your Web site.

Financial professionals don't sell products, they build relationships, per @NateDiag

"Customers don't engage with your marketing department, they engage with your staff." -Kathy Hudson of IBM

Power to the People RT @Plude01: 78% of consumers trust other consumers ... only 18%  trust advertisements.

We used to own our audiences, but now with social, the audiences own us. They are here [by] their choice (and can leave). ~@jkrohrs

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