United Way of Greater Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wis. Grant amount: $150,000. The United Way of Greater Milwaukee will work in partnership with Journey House and the YWCA of Southeastern Wisconsin to integrate basic financial education with existing GED test preparation coursework. 

United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties Inc., Wooster, Ohio. Grant amount: $50,000. United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties will collaborate with the Wayne County Child Support Enforcement Agency and The Ohio State University Extension to provide financial education and coaching for parents who are obligated by the court to make child support payments.

YWCA of Seattle | King | Snohomish, Seattle, Wash. 
Grant amount: $150,000. The YWCA of Seattle | King | Snohomish will partner with the King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Financial Empowerment Network -- Seattle-King County to expand the availability of financial stability services for victims of domestic violence.

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