Foresight Capital Management, a London-based financial services firm, is expanding into the United States with the launch of a sustainable infrastructure fund, the firm announced today.

The Cromwell Foresight Global Sustainable Infrastructure Fund is designed to replicate the strategy of the FP Foresight Global Real Infrastructure Fund, and is being launched in partnership with Cromwell Funds, based in Baltimore. The newly formed partnership represents an expansion of Foresight’s footprint into the United States.

The fund will provide U.S. investors with an entry into a portfolio that concentrates on sustainable infrastructure, with a strong focus on energy transition, the firm said. The fund is centered on decarbonization, particularly the incentives that will be provided by the recently passed U.S. Inflation Reduction Act.

Cromwell works with U.S. financial advisors nationwide.

“The launch ... is a transformational moment in Foresight Capital Management’s journey and further expands our geographic footprint and strengthens our already resilient and diversified business model,” said Bernard Fairman, executive chairman of Foresight Group Holdings Limited, in a statement.

“As investor attention in the U.S. increasingly turns towards sustainability, Foresight Capital Management’s focus and track record in the U.K. and Europe puts us in a strong position to establish a distinctive proposition in the U.S. market,” said Mark Brennan, partner at Foresight Capital Management, in the statement.