Former Lockwood Advisors Inc. executive Donald R. Robinson and others from the firm have formed Palladiem Partners LP, an independent registered investment advisory firm its partners say will focus on independent advisors and financial institutions such as asset management firms, community banks and insurance and asset management firms.

Palladiem will be led by Robinson, former chief investment officer and a founding partner of Lockwood Financial. He will serve as chief executive and co-chief investment officer of Palladiem, which is based in Radnor, Pa.

Robinson says even given the uncertain economic and market conditions, he's confident that Palladiem's focused market strategy will succeed.

"If you look historically at companies, whether they be in the financial services space or not, the most innovative ideas and best firms are hatched during times of great uncertainty and instability in the marketplace, and we certainly have that now," Robinson said.        

"Given the volatility in the capital markets and the continued uncertainty around the economy, said Robinson, "we believe establishing ourselves as an independent firm that is nimble and takes an active approach to total risk management will differentiate us in the marketplace and best position us to serve our clients with the type of independent, best-in-class conflict-free advice they seek from their partners."

Robinson called Palladiem's launch "great timing."

"Things right now in the industry are kind of blurred. Are you a wealth manager, an investment manager, a financial platform, a turn-key asset management finder?" Robinson said. "For us, it is a opportunity to focus on what we do best, which is really this sort of a multi-asset class approach to managing total risk and working through an investment advisor as an intermediary."

Robinson said Lockwood built its business working with one investment advisor at a time. "The model again here is that we're really going to be driven by the financial advisor and her clients. It lets us focus on what we do best."  

Palladiem has also appointed David R. Gibson as managing director and CFO of the firm, who was previously the executive vice president and CFO of the Wilmington Trust Company and it affiliates for 18 years.

Additional former Lockwood Advisors Inc. executives joining Palladiem include: David Feldman, former director of investments, who will serve as president and co-chief investment officer; Joseph Scavetti, former director of trading, operations and risk management, who will serve as chief operating officer; and Stephanie Mackara, former director of product development and strategic initiatives, who will serve as chief marketing officer.

Palladiem officials will hold two market seminars in the next two weeks (Sept. 7 and Sept. 14) to provide the firm's views on the current financial markets and the company's market strategy.   

   Jim McConville