Fortigent LLC is beefing up its technology platform for advisors who target high-net-worth clients.

Fortigent, a provider of technology solutions for advisors and institutions targeting those with $2 million to $10 million in assets, is adding two new features to its technology platform.

The HNW billing solution will allow advisors to include multiple customized tiered fee schedules, fixed fees and discounts on client invoices. It also will prorate significant flows by setting custom thresholds and individual overrides and manage advisor billing workflow through invoice and revenue tracking at the firm level.

The second addition, the HNW end client access portal, will provide the ability to aggregate all types of investments into one unified portfolio, present investments to end clients in customized language and structure, and manage and publish advisor communications across end-client bases.

"This is the third major enhancement to Fortigent's access technology platform this year. We are thrilled to bring new innovations to the market benefiting the HNW space and to further reinforce our position as a leading partner to the HNW advisor," said Andrew Putterman, Fortigent president.

Fortigent was acquired this year by LPL Holdings Inc.

-Karen DeMasters