By embracing this concept of financial life guidance, clients can more freely identify and pursue their goals, whether those goals are owning a beach house or repairing relationships with family members. We can help them visualize their true priorities and provide a roadmap to determine whether they’re remaining on track, serving as a guide and a collaborator. Our collaboration is based on an understanding of shared accountability for execution—we keep the torch lit as we help clients reach the “top of their mountain.”

As financial planners, we don’t always have to have the answer. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is learning to say nothing at all and accept that the answer lies somewhere within the client. Until that vision comes, we remain ready to guide them, side-by-side, and learn more on the journey as we go.

Frank Corrado, CPA, CFP, and his son, Frankie Corrado, CFP, serve as managing directors and principals at Robertson Stephens Wealth Management LLC (“Robertson Stephens”), an independent SEC-registered investment advisor with offices in San Francisco, New York, Sun Valle, and New Jersey. Frank and Frankie have recently joined Robertson Stephens to make their vision of life planning available to larger group of potential clients.

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