-Hannah Shaw Grove

Key Elements Of Worldwide Health Care Support
When choosing a team to help manage your clients' health care, you need to ensure that the organization can provide several key benefits:
24/7/365 access to support and advice: Medical emergencies do not tend to occur during traditional business hours. The health care advisory firm you choose to work with should provide all-day, every-day phone access for your clients so they can immediately contact physicians and hospitals worldwide to facilitate any needed care. Advisors should also be available at any time to provide guidance and support or to gather information about conditions or treatment options that can help your clients make key medical decisions.
Consolidated electronic medical records that can be transferred across the globe in minutes: Especially in emergency situations, it is vital for any treating physician to be aware of a patient's current health status, complete medical history, current medications and treatments in progress. That information can be life-saving, preventing common medical mistakes such as drug interactions and speeding diagnosis. One of the first services the firm you choose should provide is the collection, review, updating and consolidation of the complete medical record for every family member. That record should be made available in a secure electronic format so the information can be delivered to any doctor or hospital in the world in minutes.
Premier medical evacuation services: While there are many options available for global emergency medical evacuation, most services will only transport your clients to the nearest medical facility. But in many cases, that facility is not the most appropriate one if you are seeking access to the full range of treatment options and the highest quality of care. In contrast, premier medical evacuation services will transport your clients to the medical institution of their choice in an emergency. By consulting with their health advisor, clients can choose the facility that offers the most appropriate and widest range of treatment options and they can be assured they have access to the care they need and the quality they expect.
In-depth knowledge of global health resources: It's important that a health-care advisor have on-the-ground knowledge of available health resources anywhere in the U.S. or outside the country. That knowledge is essential when, for example, your client suffers a broken leg in the Peruvian countryside or a heart attack in Beijing. With these resources in place, the advisors can connect your clients with the best quality care available wherever they are.
International medical insurance for cashless access to care: American medical insurance is rarely accepted outside this country and many other nations' medical systems are nationalized, providing care to their citizens as a government service. For someone outside that system to access care, up-front cash payments are often required. These payments can be significant when care is required for a serious emergency. International medical insurance is an important asset for the health advisory firm to provide because it allows immediate access to care without the required cash payment.
Tailored medical intelligence reports: The best defense is still a good offense. Your clients should have quick access to up-to-date, carefully researched reports from their health-care advisor that outline current medical issues in their destination countries as well as information about what immunizations and other precautions are needed.

A Simple Solution To A Complex Challenge
By building a relationship with a quality health-care advisory firm, you can help your clients protect their health and well-being no matter where in the world their business or pleasure travel takes them.

From your perspective, you're working with a single, convenient expert resource that provides the full spectrum of advisory, support and informational services for health issues. From your clients' perspective, you're going the extra mile to provide them with services designed to protect their most important asset-their health.  

John Hutchins is the founder of PinnacleCare, the nation's leading private health advisory firm, and is one of the industry's foremost experts in coordinating the highest caliber medical care at VIP service levels.