“Good things happen to good people.”

That’s how Drew Dickson, the founder of London-based hedge fund Albert Bridge Capital, described Indianapolis Colts cornerback Kenny Moore at the end of a deeply personal essay that took off on Twitter after he posted it Monday.

Dickson wrote about how his son, Max, struggled with anxiety and depression and often contemplated suicide until he found an abused and terrified puppy that had been subsisting on scraps from trash heaps on the streets of Costa Rica. He named it Chica.

Max, then 19, “started to realize he had something to offer,” his father wrote. “Chica needed help, and Max was there to provide it.”

Eventually, Max and Chica relocated to Indiana, where the Dicksons have relatives, and they settled in Indianapolis.

“Each of them began their new life, together,” wrote Dickson, a former partner in Perella Weinberg’s asset-management division. “Max had saved Chica. And Chica had saved Max.”

Then it almost all came crashing down.

Chica, chasing after a squirrel, was struck by a car. The driver sped off, leaving the dog “half-dead and crying in the road.”

Then Moore showed up.

“He opened his door, got out of his car, walked up to my son, and said ‘Hey, I got you,’” Dickson wrote.  “They picked up a bloody Chica and loaded her into Kenny’s car.”

Moore, then 21 years old, helped Max find a veterinarian and then a surgeon.

“I want to thank him for saving Chica’s life,” Dickson wrote. “I want to thank him for saving my son’s.”

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