Other reopening states have high numbers of new cases that may be explained at least partially by comparatively good testing rates. These include Mississippi, Tennessee and, to a milder extent, Utah.

Texas continues to have a comparatively small number of Covid-19 cases per capita, but it’s seeing a significant growth in cases as it begins to reopen. South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and North Dakota have managed to stay on a plateau, but not to reach the other side. Missouri’s infection rate was on a good trajectory for weeks, but it’s beginning to rise just as the state is allowing even large venues to reopen.   

Starting off in a better position are Maine and Oklahoma, both at relatively low plateaus with positive-test rates that suggest they’re not missing a lot of cases. Florida, Arkansas and South Dakota have achieved a reasonably sustained decline in new cases, though South Dakota’s especially high number of per capita cases may yet seed renewed growth.  

Premature openings will almost certainly lead to avoidable deaths. States that jump the gun risk a return to shutdown and, worse, a delay in bringing the epidemic under control.  

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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