Based on decades of research with entrepreneurs, who have achieved a high level of success, one of their biggest concerns is NOT to backslide. It was usually arduous to reach the heights they reached, thus making avoiding regressing a top priority. A closely related concern is how to maintain upward trajectory. For many high-achieving entrepreneurs, it can become ever harder to keep raising the bar. Many factors come into play to enable high-achieving entrepreneurs to maintain and—preferably—accelerate their success. 

One of these factors is their leadership ability. In their positions, they have to coordinate and motivate their team in order for their companies to continue to excel. Sometimes, this can prove to be a difficult undertaking.

“True leaders know that no one wins alone, and it takes a team to win,” explains Dr. Jeff Spencer, who is internationally recognized as one of the foremost business coaches in the world. “For high-achieving entrepreneurs, the edge in 2022 comes from interactive leadership. More specifically, it’s a process I call Allegiance Capital, which is the currency of ‘trust exchange.’ The ‘allegiance’ is the percentage of effort given by the team to leadership and, vice versa, from leadership to team, based on their belief that the other will deliver on their ‘exchange promise.’ In a business situation, the exchange promise would be the effort put forth by the team to meet leadership goals, and, for the team, the effort by leadership to better compensate, promote or provide time off because of their greater accomplishments.”

Spencer’s methodology has proven incredibly successful for a plethora of entrepreneurial high achievers. Based on his approach, to create maximum team “trust exchange” so as to build leadership, Allegiance Capital requires that the team—as a collective and as individual teammates—feel fully honored, valued, understood and acknowledged by leadership. The following are key means by which leadership can create team trust in those areas:  
• Honored: Show up on time, provide timely updates so team feels informed, check-in to say hello without agenda, and be present in conversation. 

• Valued: Solicit team input as experts, avoid micromanaging, increase responsibility and provide the resources requested by team to fully do their jobs. 

• Understood: Use language and presence of being so the team construes leadership as “one of us” in spirit as opposed to leading by spreadsheet behind closed doors.

• Acknowledged: Showcase teammate and team achievement publicly and internally through the spoken or written word. 

The Alliance Capital process has consistently transformed businesses and enables entrepreneurial high achievers to reach ever-greater heights. According to Nic Peterson, serial entrepreneur whose built and sold five companies, “In my companies and my decentralized projects, Dr. Jeff Spencer’s guidance through understanding and implementing Allegiance Capital has given me a huge unfair advantage. For example, I founded the largest growing crypto project across all networks and am concurrently successfully exiting another company smoothly, painlessly and guilt free thanks to the ongoing mastering of Allegiance Capital.” 

What is very telling is that the Alliance Capital process works in a wide variety of diverse situations. Consider the following case study: A medical group was hired to help a Native American community stem its diabetes epidemic. The clinical results were dismal in large part due to poor patient compliance. In this example, the medical group can be considered the leaders and the Native American community, the team. 

When the tribal chief was consulted on the matter he said the tribe did not fully trust the care because the providers “couldn’t dance.” In other words, the tribe did not feel they were understood. The tribe did not feel the caregivers knew what was important to them. After the medical group incorporated some traditional tribal customs and vocabulary into their interaction with the tribe the dynamic changed. The medical group—leadership—demonstrated they understood the Native American community—the team—and the tribe, in turn, increased their compliance that produced results everyone was happy with.

While the Alliance Capital process can be amazingly powerful, it’s not “right” for everyone. It works best for high achievers from entrepreneurs to professionals to celebrities who want to multiply their level of accomplishments. It is for those individuals—and sometimes groups—that are in leadership positions of one kind or another and are sincerely motivated to significantly accelerate their success. 

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