Skyscanner should be your default flight search engine.

Skyscanner is definitely the best for booking last-minute stuff. It’s the most reliable, and it shows many different options: the fastest route, the cheapest route. You can select how many stops you want to make, and it’s so user-friendly that even someone who’s never looked at it before would be able to navigate the site. It also has an alternative for greener choices—for example: “This flight emits 32% less CO₂ than average for your search.” If you’d like to be environmentally conscious when you travel, this helps.

One piece of clothing will prove more useful than everything else.

For women it’s a lightweight, long-sleeve button-down. It can go as a light jacket if you need one, and it’s easy to layer on top of other shirts. And if you’re wearing shorts and feeling uncomfortable in a more conservative country, you can wrap it around your waist to cover the back of your thighs.

On longer trips, follow the three-day rule.

I usually prioritize having at least three days in the same city, in the same hotel room, a week into each of my long trips. There’s a few reasons for this. For one, you’re going to need to do some laundry, and that could take three days—one to find the laundromat, the second to leave it with them, as it might not be open when you find it, and the third to pick it up. And if you’re traveling through a lot of places really quickly, it’s easy to get burned out. Having a three-day stop every week or so gives you the chance to get grounded. People rarely think about having to pack and unpack as being exhausting, but it really is.

Want a souvenir from each place you’ve visited? Here’s a lightweight idea.

I’ve collected a piece of the currency every time. We all end up with small denominations of bills and now have this huge wall, an entire wall, filled up with currency from each country. The Hong Kong dollar has really interesting colors, and the Costa Rican currency has the most beautiful depictions of local wildlife. 

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.

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