One Hong Kong employee said that after three weeks of working from home, a manager helped moderate a video chat for 20 people on their team. With drinks in hand, they talked about their working environment, their pets, their families (some showed their kids on camera), and shared happy and funny stories. The call lasted about 45 minutes.

Although it was strange at first, it was nice to connect to people outside their “office.” Smaller groups of two to three people kept it going over ensuing Fridays.

Most of all: “Be kind to yourself,” says Ferreira Marques. “It’s really hard, and some days all of the above goes out the window.”

Stay Healthy
Lethargy and weight gain can set in faster than you think. Your daily steps are about to go way down. And that 5 p.m. glass of wine is often much too close.

“Stretch out a lot before, during, or after the shift,” says Servando. “It’s so easy to succumb to the magnetic pull of a comfortable couch and pillow-laden bed—and stay there.”

If gyms go on lockdown, as they did in Asia, at-home workouts are a good option. Consider rolling out a yoga mat or doing a 30-minute high intensity set via online exercise videos.

If not that, try pushups: “I’ve been squeezing in pushups throughout my day,” says Truong, “aiming for at least 100.”

For Lee in Seoul, short walks or five-minute workout breaks, such as these free yoga and stretching sessions on YouTube—spread through the day—were also useful.

Millson used the change of routine as an opportunity to eat better. “For me, it’s been all about breaking the bad habits that creep into office life—a pack of chips with morning coffee, dim sum in the office on Friday mornings, things like that.”

He stripped all the snack foods from the cupboards, and he and his wife, who was also working from home, decided to go low-carb with meat, vegetables, and small portions. “And that’s what it’s been like for three weeks. I’ve lost a couple of kilos so far—eight to go. I just wouldn’t have the willpower to do it in the office.”

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