• If you want to impress a prospect or client, less is more. 
  • The materials you use in a face-to-face meeting are a conversation guide, not the sum total of all that you know.
  • Many of the pages you want to include are details that you’ll skip anyway (creating that fun, “What page are you on?” game).
  • Instead, summarize everything and let the client or prospect know you will also be sending a digital version where you can add links to the details. 
  • Consider having the digital version on your iPad or flat screen to show them where they can find what they need.

I am very confident that your marketing can be better -- all it takes is for you to think less about what you want to say and more about how people really consume information today! Our industry is terrible at this. If you get just a bit better, you will have a big advantage. Remember, your marketing communications are a complete waste if they don’t get opened. If you are writing copy that no one wants to read, that’s a bad use of your time. Also, if your print materials bog you down instead of making great conversations flow, that’s money down the drain.

Gail Graham is Chief Marketing Officer at United Capital, an innovative and fast-growing national wealth counseling firm with a unique approach to the market. Having earned awards in retail investor and advisor marketing, Gail is driving United Capital’s brand development, marketing and lead generation across all channels. Follow her on Twitter: @GailGrahamUC.


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